Scholarship Detail 

Knowledge Aid  is committed to improving the world through new ideas and educational opportunity.  We care deeply about assembling a global community of scholars that represents the widest possible range of viewpoints, not the least of which are the perspectives of students fleeing persecution and conflict in their home countries. To this end, the Knowledge Aid Hands Up Scholarship was establish to accomplish just that.

The Hands Up Scholarship covers all costs of attendance and is awarded annually to first generation refugee students from a war-torn nation who would not otherwise have the financial means to attend an institute of Higher Education. The scholarship is only available for undergraduate studies.


The application deadline for the Hands Up Scholarship is January 1, and applicants are encouraged to apply by submitting the information below. All applicants will receive notice of their standing by April 1.



All of your responses to the scholership questions should not surpass  500 words*

By submitting my application  hereby acknowledge that: 1. The information on this application is true and correct. 2. I give my permission for the information in my scholarship application to be shared by Knowledge Aid Foundation 3. I release to Knowledge Aid Foundation the right to use my name and other information contained in this application for Foundation publications, reports and/or press releases.